In Loving Memory, LLC

Offering Personalized Memorial Products


Placing Your Order

We ship through FEDEX only In the continental United States only . All orders will be placed online through our website. Orders are paid for through the website at the time the order is placed at: PayPal is the preferred payment. Shipping costs will be charged to you at time of checkout.

***Remember, for orders requiring a picture, you MUST upload the picture to: If a color is required and it was not selected at the time the order was placed on the website, include it in the uploaded information. Please pay for your order at time of order placement through the web site, using *PayPal.If there is an occasion that you need to order through the website and write a check, and the check is returned for any reason, the fee is $45.00.

We do not make changes to the order. So PLEASE be sure the order is correct when you email it or order online through the web store at:

We are only human and errors sometimes do occur. If the error is on our part we will make every effort to correct it, refund your order and/or attempt to deliver the order to you, as originally placed. If the error is on YOUR part we will attempt to correct it and have it delivered as originally ordered, although this may not always be possible. There may be a one day delay in delivery. Also, if the error is on your part, the order will be considered a “do over or redo” and does require an additional charge at a reduced fee.

All orders require a minimum of 2 (two) day turn­ around time. This is considered a "Standard Delivery."

Orders will no longer be completed out of my home therefore we will no longer be able to provide a pick­-up or a hand delivery service.

If you require an order before the two day turn­ around time, it will be considered a rush order and an additional fee of $10.00 will be required (for the complete order, regardless of the number of items in the order).

EXAMPLE: Delivery Time

If you place an order on Monday before 12:00 pm, you can expect delivery Wednesday, usually by12:30 pm by *FedEx (In most cases you can receive the order by12:30 the next day, in Florida). This is a standard order. There is NO FedEx delivery after Friday, so that you could receive your order before Monday.

EXAMPLE: Weekend Delivery Time

If you place an order on Friday, it will not be delivered until Monday usually by 12:30 pm, on Monday.

If you have a service scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, your orders need to be placed by Thursday before 12:00 pm. Orders received after 12:00PM on Thursday, will be considered received as a Friday order and you will not receive it until Monday, usually by 12:30PM.